Watch Sixth Episode Of Alice In Chains’ “Black Antenna” Film

Alice In Chains have shared the sixth part of their 90-minute sci-fi film “Black Antenna.” The movie, which was produced and directed by Adam Mason, came about after the band considered making music videos for all the songs on their latest album “Rainier Fog.”

Mason told Kerrang! the following about the latest episode:

“It focuses a lot more on Beta, and her becoming more self aware. She’s basically selling her body so they can survive, but she’s an asexual being. Sexuality means nothing to her, she doesn’t understand it. But through Roach, the younger guy we meet in ‘Drone‘, she starts building much more of a relationship with him.

Through this, she starts to understand “shame” more, and as he tells her what she’s doing, she begins to feel betrayed by her father, Alpha, and humiliated. That forms a rift between them, which will escalate through the next few episodes as Beta discovers more what it’s like to be a human being.

Everything snowballs from there, because now Alpha is not only trying to stay off of Nil’s radar, but also is having a problem with his own child. That’s where it all starts to go wrong.”


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