THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT (Ex-Katatonia, Etc.) Premiere New Song “Embers”

THENIGHTTIMEPROJECT (ex-Katatonia, etc.) have premiered a new song titled “Embers.” This track is from the band’s new album “Pale Season,” which will be released on June 28.

Alexander Backlund told Prog the following:

“In late 2017 Fredrik approached me asking if I knew any great vocalists. I’m no George Michael, but Tobias has a very similar vocal range to mine and I figured my voice could be a good fit for the band. He mentioned some new songs were in the works, and Embers — or The Cat, which was the working title — was the first one he sent me to grace with my beautiful baritone.

“The lyrics are about reconciling with the fact that as we age, we become different people. We have to let our experiences shape us, and hopefully learn from our mistakes. We can’t cling to who we were, neither for comfort nor pride. Identity is a fleeting concept, and expecting it to be a constant is naïve — in yourself as well as in other people. We can’t keep all the fires burning through the long night that is our lives.”


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