Destruction Recruit Second Guitarist Damir Eskic

Destruction have welcomed Damir Eskic (Gomorra) to the band as their second guitarist. Eskic previously contributed three solos to the group’s 2016 album “Under Attack.”

Frontman Schmier commented:

“Yes — we finally did it again!

For many years we’ve been talking about this, but we needed the right guy! Damir Eskic is now that dude! He is a super-skilled player and also a good friend of the band. He will surely make some jaws drop and pay tribute to the history of Destruction, as he is also a fan of our music!

To be a trio was a special thing for us that we did with pride for many years but also Destruction had a period where we were a four-piece with a second guitar. Now it was the right time to get that option back!

We know there are many fans out there that have been waiting a long time for this.

We have composed and recorded the whole new album with two guitars and, of course, this will make us an even more intense live act and give us the chance to play songs again that we’ve not been able to play for many years… Exciting times ahead!

Let’s call this a reinvention!

With Randy Black on the drums and Damir Eskic on the lead guitar, we have the fresh blood in the band that is sometimes needed to reach new goals, it will keep the thrash machine strong and ready for new adventures!

See you all on the road soon. The new record is coming on August 8th via Nuclear Blast!”

Eskic added:

“I am, of course, very happy to be a part of this thrash metal family and to join one of the best bands of the genre.

To record three guest solos on the ‘Under Attack’ album was already a big deal for me, now some years later, we’ve become close friends and I am really excited to be a part of this!

I am looking forward to meeting the fans all over the globe and to thrash the stage with the boys!”


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