Daron Malakian On The Possibility Of A New System Of A Down Album: “I Never Say Never, But At This Point, It’s Not Likely That It’s Gonna Happen Anytime Soon”

Back in July 2018, Daron Malakian made headlines after he basically said Serj Tankian is the one standing in the way of a new System Of A Down album. Tankian then responded with a lengthy statement to offer a more detailed explanation as to why the band haven’t created new music. More recently, Shavo Odadjian said the group aren’t fighting and that they actually “have material that tops everything [they’ve] done.” However, Tankian then shot that down saying nothing has changed since the public dispute. Now, Malakian was asked about a new album once again during an interview with KROQ and he said “it’s not likely that it’s gonna happen anytime soon.”

Malakian told KROQ that he brought Scars On Broadway back because he has “a lot of material, a lot of music, and [he is] a little bit more clear on where [he is] at with [his] life right now when it comes to releasing [his] songs.” He continued:

“It took a while to figure out what’s going on with SYSTEM and if we’re gonna make a record or not, so I just kind of held on to a lot of music to see what was going on with that. We just couldn’t see eye to eye with certain things on that stuff, so it was just time for me to start putting out my music.”

He added the following when asked if he has any new music suitable for System Of A Down:

“I think my material usually works for both bands, so if SYSTEM decides to make a record at some point, I think I’ll have material for that. But the thing is I’m just not waiting anymore to see what’s going on.”

He also had the following to say when pressed about whether his frustration lies in the fact that his bandmates are not on the same page, or if some of them don’t want to leave their families and do a whole cycle:

“It might be a mix of both. People change. As time goes on, tastes change. And people wanna take the band into different directions, and you have other members of the band that maybe don’t wanna go into those directions. So we just haven’t come to an agreement on how we would wanna do it, if we did make a record. I never say never, but at this point, it’s not likely that it’s gonna happen anytime soon.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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