Buckcherry Recruit Drummer Francis Ruiz

Buckcherry have announced the addition of drummer Francis Ruiz to their lineup. He is replacing Sean Winchester, who left the group after recording drums for their new album “Warpaint” (out March 8).

Ruiz told Blabbermouth the following:

“I’ve been back and forth behind the drums to working with some of the greatest drummers and bands out there. It’s all good and for a love of great music and drumming — that’s how I see it.

“Getting to tour with so many of my drumming idols has been an experience I am very grateful to have. Many players in bands may not ever get that experience — that everyday one-on-one friendship and trust — and I can say I have learned from the best. That is invaluable. I have learned so much from each and every one of them — about drumming, performing, health, gratefulness, humility, relationships, and always striving to be better. All of these are important if you choose a life of touring. Not only drummers though — I have so much love and respect and have learned volumes from Zakk Wylde. He is a machine! He also displays so much passion and compassion in everything he does. And he never stops.

“The greatest feeling now is that I am in a band, a full band that all have every bit of the same qualities I just mentioned. We’re all cut from the same cloth, love the same music, know the same people, stomped the same streets. That, again, is invaluable.”


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