August Burns Red Share Video For Their Cover Of “The Legend Of Zelda” Music

August Burns Red have shared a video for their cover of the music from “The Legend Of Zelda.” The track is from the band’s new EP “Phantom Sessions,“ which will be released on February 8. That effort will also feature four more songs including: “Midnight”, “Laniakea”, “Coordinates” (Reprise), and “The Frost” (MIDI version). Bassist Dustin Davidson said the following about the “Zelda” cover:

“For the cover, I wanted to do a mash-up of not only the original theme, but other pieces from the game as well, and since the dungeon theme flirts with the diminished scale, it just made sense to put it into a metal cover.”

“Out of all of the games that I played growing up, I easily logged the most time into Zelda. My brother and I would come home from school, race to finish our homework and fight over who got to play.”

[via Nerdist]

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