Wage War Premiere “Low” Music Video

Wage War have premiered a new video for their new song “Low.” You can check that out below:

Cody Quistad commented:

“‘Low’ is one of the first full songs we completed after ‘Deadweight’. It started as most songs do with the main riff. We recorded the first demo of it on our bus on Warped Tour this past year. We went back to Andrew Wade and Jeremy [McKinnon, A Day to Remember] for the production and engineering side of things and were honored to have metal legend, Mark Lewis, mix it! The song went through many structure changes before landing on what it is today. ‘Low’ represents everything you’ve come to expect from Wage War, but in its most refined state.

Lyrically, the song is centered around experiences with depression and anxiety. I think it’s a conversation that is finally being brought to light and deserves to be so. I’ve always found solace in listening to dark songs that find me exactly where I’m at. There’s something comforting about knowing that someone has been through exactly what you’re feeling, and hopefully that’s what ‘Low’ is for someone.”

[via Revolver]


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