Tommy Vext Says He Became Homeless So He Could Stay On The Road With Bad Wolves This Year

Bad Wolves frontman Tommy Vext has revealed that he is homeless. The singer gave up his apartment and car so he could stay on the road with the band for a majority of 2018.

Vext said the following:

“Many people don’t realize that I am homeless. In order to go out on tour in 2018 from March through December I had to give up my apartment, get rid of my car and put all of my belongings in storage.

I never thought I would be grateful for the times of my life when I was forced to be homeless because the lessons I would learn only prepared me for life out of a suitcase.

This year has been an incredible ride conquering 7 tours from Amphitheater’s & arenas for tens of thousands to headlining our own club tour only weeks after our debut album was released.

I have been all over the US, Europe, UK, Canada and Australia and have met countless wonderful people at shows, on the streets and in the gym.

What a blessing to be able to tour with and befriend for so many amazing artists, and turning a crew of amazingly talented guys into a family.

After the honor of having Zombie go Diamond, Platinum, Double Platinum & Gold in almost a dozen countries and going number one globally I’ve just received word that #HearMeNow is the number 1 song on active rock radio in the United States of America. What a way to end an amazing year.

Thank you everyone who supported us, bought our t shirts and records, showed up and sang their lungs out !

Thank you to our road crew, our label, managment, all our new friends at radio stations across the globe.

You’ve given us a life beyond our wildest dreams.

Forever Grateful”

[via Rock Feed]


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