Torque (Ex-Machine Head, Etc.) To Reissue 1996 Self-Titled Album With Bonus Tracks

Torque, the band featuring Phil Demmel (ex-Machine Head) and other former members of Vio-lence, will be reissuing their 1996 self-titled album on January 18 via Mascot Label Group. The re-release will feature four bonus tracks and it can be pre-ordered HERE.

Track Listing:

01. “H.L.S.”
02. “Again”
03. “Nothing”
04. “Shooter”
05. “Dead You Lay”
06. “Choking”
07. “Forgotten”
08. “Pulled”
09. “Will Of Stone”
10. “Breed”
11. “Hand Over Fist”
12. “Circling” (bonus track)
13. “Erased” (bonus track)
14. “Sever” (bonus track)
15. “Isolation / Anger Mine” (bonus track)


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