Noodles Says The Offspring Are “Entertaining The Idea Of Doing Two Records”

During a recent interview with Junkee, Kevin “Noodles” Wasserman offered an update on The Offspring’s new album. He said the following:

“Yeah, we’ve been spending a bit of time in the studio with Bob Rock, who worked on our last two albums as well. He’s great, man — we get along with him really well. We’ve got a bunch of new songs that we’re preparing to go in and record right now. I think there’s a record’s worth in there, but we’re thinking that maybe the songs are just a little too different. We know there’s a song or two on every record that comes out of left-field for us, but it’s more than just a couple this time. Right now, we’re entertaining the idea of doing two records — one where we can put all of these, and another of straight-up Offspring songs.”

[via Dying Scene]


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