Tobias Forge Says Ghost May Make A Live Concert Film

During a recent interview with Revolver, Tobias Forge was asked about the rumors of a new Ghost release in 2019. He responded by saying that “there might be something coming next year” and that he is “keen” on making a live concert film at some point.

Forge said the following:

“There might be something coming next year. As an active person, I’ve spent some time in the studio, but we’ll see. We’re still sort of planning the year out. But as of right now, there’s no plan for another covers EP. I think that would be a little predictable. I’m all for recording covers in the future, but we’re definitely not going to do one that comes out in 2019. And even though we made a live record last year, the one thing I am very keen on is making a film, for lack of another phrase. I really want to make a capture of our live show. Since the live record, which I think is very good, we sound way better now. We’re a better band, and now with everything being performed organically, it’s a different being. It sounds way bigger and maybe lends itself to a film better. So we’ll see.”


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