Avatar To Create “Legend Of Avatar Country” Film

Avatar are teaming up with Kerrang! to create a new film called “Legend Of Avatar Country.” A Kickstarter campaign for the project will launch on Monday (October 29). Johannes Eckerström commented:

“We are not a normal band and ‘Avatar Country’ is not a normal album. The whole idea was always to take our audience on a crazy journey into the stranger parts of our minds and the heart of our love for metal music. As a very visual group, this is the natural conclusion of the ‘Avatar Country’ saga and we hope people will be as excited to see it as we are. It will be a great document of a very special time in our career and in the life of our fans. We have some very special rewards lined up to make it worth people’s while. Bands always tell their audience, ‘We couldn’t have done this without you,’ and this time it’s truer than ever. The labels have done their part in supporting the making of the music videos thus far, and what comes next is up to us. I truly believe we can make something great together.”


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