Austin Carlile (Ex-Of Mice & Men) Discusses How Religion Has Helped Him In New Mini-Documentary

Austin Carlile (ex-Of Mice & Men) has shared a new mini-documentary on his life, which he recorded for The clip features him discussing his battle with Marfan syndrome, the ways religion has helped him, and more.

In other news, Carlile was recently admitted to the hospital once again due to more health issues:

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I was supposed to be on a flight back to Costa Rica right now, but my body had other plans… I was texting my doctor on Friday morning discussing some of the gnarly symptoms I've been struggling with the past few days… he called me right after reading them saying "do not leave the country, get to the hospital immediately." (( in the past he has also told me "don't go the the emergency room, SUCK IT UP, you'll be fine!" )) haha so I trust his medical assessments thoroughly after our relationship these past 7 years of working together. I've been back in Stanford since yesterday morning… Won't go into detail about what they think it could be, but have a few days of testing, testing, and more testing to find out exactly what's happening. No matter what though, I'm at peace knowing I'm in God's hands as I face this new obstacle 🕊👊🏼🖤 @themarfanfoundation #marfansyndrome #chronicillness #chronicpain #nojoke #anotherbattle #GodsWill #GodsPlan

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