Pitchshifter Share Previously Unreleased Song “Apply Yourself”

Pitchshifter have shared a demo version of a previously unreleased track titled ”Apply Yourself.“ The song was supposed to appear on an unreleased album titled “Sprint Finish.” Vocalist Jon Clayden told Jon’s Untitled Podcast the following about that effort:

“…I found the unreleased seventh album demos, right? So there are there good number, like seven instrumental demos, of songs that we never finished. There’s one of those [that] had vocals on that i threw out that ‘Apply Yourself‘. So that that unreleased album is called ‘Sprint Finish‘. And then one of the demos that does have vocals on, I recently put out on Bandcamp and iTunes and all that stuff is called ‘Apply Yourself‘. So there is the vague possibility that something could happen to those additional songs, right, if we ever decided to finish them, if we we ever decided to do anything with it. I cannot envision that will be like good news to everyone ‘We’re gonna go back on the road and back in the studio, you know this things starting up again’ We’re all a little bit older now. We’ve got families. We’ve got pretend assumed identities in the witness protection program…”

[via The PRP]


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