Ministry Working On New Album, Al Jourgensen Remixes Track For David Hasselhoff

During a recent interview with Billboard, Al Jourgensen revealed that Ministry are already working on a follow up to their latest album “AmeriKKKant,” which was released in March. You can read what he had to say about that below. In other news, Jourgensen also revealed that he worked on a remix of David Hasselhoff’s cover of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” with DJ Swamp.

Jourgensen said the following when asked about the new album and the band’s quick turnaround :

“Yeah. I mean, I have to get as many albums as I can done while Trump is still president. And then what am I going to do: write those crappy albums that I write while Democrats are president?”

He added the following when asked if he can share any of his ideas for the effort:

“Well, yeah. The last album was not an anti-Trump album, it was like the “how we got here” album. It kind of touched on what I was talking about with the [self-titled Surgical Meth Machine] album, how society has changed so drastically since social media because ubiquitous.

And in a Black Mirror, Charlie Brooker kind of way, examining the ramifications and permutations of what that entails. Trump is the perfect byproduct of the society we’ve created…

Society is really changing, but I do actually see hope, in a very cautious way, the same way I saw hope back in the late ’60s when I was first really becoming aware of politics and the way society works… I just hope we don’t make the same mistakes that turned a social movement into the latest fashion trend.

If you look back on the ’60s, we made some nominal civil rights and gender rights gains, but generally what we have to show for it is LSD and bell-bottoms and Woodstock. I’m hoping we go a little bit further this time. And I do see the new album touching on topics like that.”

Jourgensen also had the following to say when asked if the album will follow the same path as “Houses Of The Molé“, “Rio Grande Blood” and “The Last Sucker“, which all took aim at the George W. Bush administration:

“Three albums of bashing Bush… although the last one was almost like, I felt sorry for the guy as much as I felt sorry for us for having to deal with the guy. ‘The Last Sucker‘ was like, “We’re all suckers in this.” ‘AmeriKKKant‘ wasn’t completely anti-Trump.

It was how we got to Trump, and I think this next album is going to be much more of a positive message of “How do we get out of Trump and keep it that way?” So I’m thinking about this in a structural sense.

As far as musically, the stuff that I’ve been working on lately is far more Portishead than Motörhead (laughs.)… We’re getting a lot more into electronics again and scratching, as opposed to three chords and a cloud of dust and shouting as loud as you can through blown-out speakers.

That’s certainly served its purpose for me for a while, but I think we’re getting into more heady material.”

As for the remix of the Hasselhoff track, Jourgensen said:

“It was the most surreal project I’ve ever been involved with. I didn’t even have to take acid, and I felt like I was trippin’ balls. David Hasselhoff has a new album coming out, some originals and some covers — and for whatever reason — and this is the part that still perplexes me since I haven’t met David Hasselhoff yet — he decided I would be the perfect person to mix this. So it’s like, ‘I’m game! I’ll take the challenge. This could be cool,’ and sure enough, man, as soon as I heard it, I felt like I was on some of Timothy Leary’s best MDMA I’ve ever been on!”


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