Sabaton Planning To Release New Album In 2019

It looks like Sabaton are planning to release a new album next year. Vocalist Joakim Brodén was recently interviewed by Greece’s TV War and said the band have already started songwriting and that “there will be an album” in 2019.

Brodén said the following:

“Obviously, we’re gonna start making that album — well, we already started, actually, songwriting; songwriting never stops for us. But, of course, next year there will be an album. We’re not gonna get old and start taking eight years between albums.”

He also added the following when asked if the group have any concept ideas:

“We have a lot of concept ideas, actually. The trick is we never know what we’re gonna use. I mean, we’ve done that in the past and we said what we were planning to do, and then we changed our minds at the last minute and people were disappointed. So, I’m not trying to be secretive — we have probably 20 or 30 ideas that we’re always working with, but at the end, we don’t really decide until we have half of the songs written. We see what language, what kind of message is the music bringing. And you can’t really sing about futuristic warfare if the songs sound old. It’s kind of important to us that the music and lyrics fit well together.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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