Fight The Fury (Skillet) Premiere New Song “My Demons”

Fight The Fury, the band featuring Skillet’s John Cooper and Seth Morrison, along with Jared Ward and John Panzer III, have premiered a new song titled “My Demons.” This track is from the group’s new EP “Still Breathing,” which will be released on October 26.

Cooper commented:

“‘My Demons’ is the first song that I wrote for the project about five years ago when I first had the idea to start Fight The Fury. It’s a good first taste for fans because it’s got all of the ingredients of the band: aggression, melody, screaming, angst, a touch of progressive rock, and frenzied chaos. It touches on some dark themes that can be related in general to most people’s individual struggles in life.

However, I wrote it specifically for those who have been victims of abuse. Some scars run so deep that we never fully heal. My hope is that through the lyrics, people will vent their anger and see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

“Still Breathing” Track Listing:

01. “My Demons”
02. “Dominate Me”
03. “Still Burning”
04. “I Cannot”
05. “Lose Hold Of It All”


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