Phil Anselmo Says He Is “Nine Months Clean” & 45 Pounds Lighter

It seems Phil Anselmo (Pantera, Down, etc.) has been making some healthier life choices as of late. During an appearance on the If I Ruled The World podcast, the singer revealed that he is “nine months clean” and 45 pounds lighter than he was last year.

He said the following when asked about the title of Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals’ latest album “Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue” and how it relates to his physical and mental state:

“Speaking from my own experience, in my youngest, strongest body, I ruptured a lower disc at about the age of 24, and just up to this past January, I’ve been at war with it. So chronic pain meets every medication that you can get from a doctor or not, I’ve done ’em all. So that has been a battle, man. And if you mix the chronic pain and the Hydrocodone, which is another catalyst for another drug, which would be Xanax — it commonly goes hand in hand — that is a toxic brew in the brain, man. So it’s a war. And I’ve gotta say now — shoot, man, I am nine months clean and I haven’t had a drink in almost three years. Man, I’m feeling better and better.”

He went on to say it was nice being sober for his 50th birthday:

“My 50th was better than my 30th and 40th by lightyears, man. Just peace of mind and knowing I wasn’t gonna wake up the next day with a hangover — that’s a good feeling, man, every day.”

He also added the following about the challenges of overcoming the physical issues related to the damage he suffered in his back, neck, and knees from years of touring:

“It is hard work and dedication to get back to a physical point that you’re happy with. But, man, I’m down to 175 [pounds] from 220 a year ago. 175 — I’m light heavyweight right now, man. I’ve been kayaking and rocking the bag for 12 rounds. So I can do all that, man. So I know I just know that the physical part is… I know it’s a battle and all that, but it’s also doable.”

In a separate interview with AXS, he also talked about wanting to be lighter for tour:

“I wanted to put the least amount on any joints because all the stage work is more than your back — it’s your knees, it’s joints. It’s so much easier on the joints to be light. I knew it would be an obstacle if I did weigh too much. I don’t want to brag about it, but I have no use for pain medication or any of that shit. It’s like an incredible flip of the script because I am breaking bad habits that I had for so long. It’s interesting. It’s weird how many bad habits you build up over time when you’re in that position.”

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