Dead Sara Premiere “Anybody” Video

Dead Sara have premiered a new video for their song “Anybody,” via Nylon. This track is from the band’s latest EP “Temporary Things Taking Up Space.”

Emily Armstrong commented:

“[Director] Cory [James Bailey] came up with a nonlinear concept that really drew us in because of how much room there was left to collaborate. By the time we were filming, we probably had 80 percent of it down, and the rest was just, ‘We’ll figure it out as we go.’

We definitely captured that feeling of spontaneity with the car shots. There were no seatbelts in that thing, no nothing, and I was driving like a maniac in Downtown L.A. with my band in the car and Cory lying in the trunk under a blanket monitoring the cameras rigged to the outside of the car and yelling directions at us. Rad.”


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