Anthrax To Begin Writing New Album In January

During an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, Frank Bello said Anthrax are planning to start the writing process for their new album in January. He also said the following about the musical direction: “We’re gonna go heavy — heavier than ever, I think. That’s just the vibe. There’s an inner anger, which I think is great for songwriting.” He then added that he wants the material to have melody as well, saying that “Anthrax has always been a melodic metal band.” He continued:

“It’s not your generic metal, let’s face it. We care about our songs. It’s not just that we need to put out a record, we need to put out the record. It’s about living with these songs — that’s why it takes us a while to write. It’s about songwriting, man. It really is. It’s about every little nook and cranny on that song. Anthrax has never phoned anything in, and I don’t see us ever doing that.”


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