The Night Flight Orchestra Members Share Improvised New Song “Race Towards Bremen On A Floridian Highway”

The Night Flight Orchestra‘s David Andersson (Soilwork) and Sebastian Forslund shared a video of themselves improvising a new song called “Race Towards Bremen On A Floridian Highway.” Andersson said the following about that:

“Me and Sebastian had planned to meet in his studio to do a play through of one our new songs for my endorser, ESP guitars. But when we got there it felt quite boring to just mime along to a pre-recorded track, pretending to be excited about it. And it doesn’t really represent the spirit of The Night Flight Orchestra. So, knowing that Sebastian is a one man band all in himself, we thought it would be much more fun to improvise a new track live in the studio instead, with us doing everything ourselves in real time. ‘Race Towards Bremen On A Floridian Highway‘ is a tribute to all the 80’s soundtracks we grew up with, and the unknown always growing inside us.”

[via The PRP]


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