Apocalyptica’s Next Album May Be Instrumental

It looks like Apocalyptica’s next album may be instrumental. Eicca Toppinen revealed the news in the below interview with Kaaos TV:

Toppinen said the following:

“We have not written yet much,” he said. “We’ve been planning a lot, because, after this tour, there are so many different options we could do. So we’ve been figuring out what feels most exciting for ourselves, and maybe what would be something that somebody would listen to. But definitely we’ll go to the studio in the winter.”

“At the moment, it looks like… there’s a strong feeling that we’ll make an instrumental album. Because on the previous ones, we always combined the instrumental songs with the vocal songs, and it was great to have the featuring artists, it was great to work with Frank Perez for the ‘Shadowmaker’ album. But then, on the other hand, it became a bigger interest for us, like, okay, it would be interesting to make a full instrumental album, so there’s no compromise with anything. So maybe it’s gonna be something really, really crazy… that nobody did before. Because that would be most interesting to make an album that doesn’t sound like any other album you’ve ever heard. Because we’ve been able to do that already a couple of times in the past — to make music that doesn’t relate to… You can’t compare it, ‘This sounds like this.’ I think especially the first album, of course, it was kind of revolutionary, because it sounded like nothing else sounded before. And also, I think the ‘Cult’ album [2000], there’s no other album you can compare it to, so it’s a very unique piece of art. And that’s something I find, and we all find, very interesting. And because also, in today’s world, life is not so much about albums anymore.”

Despite this, he did say there is still a possibility that plans can change as they continue to write new material:

“You never know before you write enough music and see what it starts to tell you, because whatever plan you have, at least for me — it’s, like, whatever plan I have, and we have together, it’s, like, you can have the plan, but when you write the music, the music starts to tell you what you should do. So it can change. So it’s, like, never say never — it’s that kind of thing. It can change, but I’m pretty convinced that the next album will be instrumental. But there might be even vocal tracks before the album. It’s always a matter of when right things come together in the right way. When right people meet and the timing [is right], and if the song is great, why not release a single then?”

[via Blabbermouth]


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