Serj Tankian To Repurpose Songs He Originally Wrote For System Of A Down

Considering System Of A Down still can’t agree on what direction to take their new album in, Serj Tankian will now be using the tracks he wrote for the effort for a new solo EP or film soundtrack. He said the following about that in a recent newsletter:

“I have five rock songs that I wanted I do with SOAD but it doesn’t look like that’s gonna work out, so I am finishing those up to release them as a solo EP or possibly as a soundtrack for my film cause they are interrelated.”

Aside from this, Tankian has a number of other projects he’s working on. They include a recently finished score for the film “Spitak,” which focuses on a man looking for his family after the Armenian earthquake in the 1980s, his Fuktronic project with Mindless Self Indulgence‘s Little Jimmy Urine, and more. This news comes after Daron Malakian previously said he held off on releasing Scars On Broadway’s new album “Dictator“ (out July 20) for years, because he wanted to use some of the material for a possible new System Of A Down album.


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