DevilDriver Premiere Lyric Video For Their Cover Of Hank 3’s “Country Heroes” Feat. Hank 3

DevilDriver have premiered a lyric video for their cover of Hank 3‘s “Country Heroes,“ via Rolling Stone. The track features Hank 3 himself and it will appear on DevilDriver‘s outlaw country covers album “Outlaws ‘Til The End: Vol. 1“ (out July 6).

Dez Fafara commented:

“This record would not have meant as much to me without having Hank 3 on board. He is one of the most authentic and real outlaw country artists out there right now. I chose to record ‘Country Heroes‘ because the lyrics are extremely well-written, and using the names of all the outlaws within the song really does the song justice. ‘I’m drinking some George Jones and little bit a Coe…’ etc., that is genius writing from Hank 3 and should be recognized as such.

I’ve heard this song as ‘heavy’ in my head for a very long time, so to re-track it and have Hank 3 appear only to sing almost Ozzy-ish is just an over the top treat to the ears! Enjoy”


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