Imonolith (Threat Signal, Ex-Strapping Young Lad, Etc.) Mixing Debut Album

Imonolith (Threat Signal, ex-Strapping Young Lad, etc.) have revealed that they are currently mixing their debut album. The group made the following post regarding that:

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Imonolith Update: Mixing We know you guys can't wait to hear Imonolith for the first time. Well, as of now it's being mixed by the incredible @jvpsounds in LA. We feel as a band, along with Jay and our management that we should give you a proper, awesome sounding representation of what Imonolith's sound will be. We're very excited to show you guys and sometime in May, when it's 100% ready, we will give you a snippet of music to check out. It's exciting times for everyone, including you guys, BUT we want to make sure we present ourselves professionally on every level. Thanks SO MUCH for your patience and support. You guys are all amazing and have really made this even more exciting for all of us in the band… Stay posted, May is just around the corner 😉 Photo Credit – @nlimsang #imonolith #newband #newmusic #mixing #jayvanpoederooyen #jvp #jvpsounds #soundingbig #excitingtimes #ssl #losangeles

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