Sanctuary Might Release A New Album With Witherfall’s Joseph Michael

Following the death of Warrel Dane, Sanctuary decided to head out on their previously planned tour with Iced Earth to pay tribute to the late singer with guest vocalist Joseph Michael (Witherfall). Now, it appears the band may move forward with a new album as well, if the demos with Michael sound good. Guitarist Lenny Rutledge confirmed the news during a recent interview with Metal Wani. You can watch that chat and read some excerpts below:

Rutledge said the following:

“We have a lot of music. Joseph and I are talking about it, and Joseph has some of the songs that we were working on, and we’re going to see where we go from there. This isn’t a secret, but live is different from the studio. We’ll see. We’re having a great time live, I can tell you that. Him and I are hitting it off; we have a good time up there every night; he nails it; and I think there’s been a new — and I hate to say this, because I absolutely adored Warrel more than anyone will ever know. He’s been my music partner for a very long time, and I never really thought about writing with someone else, but now, in this situation, Joseph has kind of breathed new life into the band. We’ve been able to play some songs that we don’t normally play with Warrel. In Warrel’s later years, he had some things going on with his voice and his health. Although he was still an amazing vocalist and writer and everything, there was just some things that we shied away from doing, and now that Joseph’s in the band, he has kind of a different range that’s available to him, so we’ve been trying some other stuff. It’s kind of breathed a new energy into the band, so that’s been really cool for us. We’re moving forward.”

Michael added:

“We’re having an amazing time live. It’s honestly my favorite tour so far in my multi-decade span as a musician. With writing, it happens or it doesn’t. I’m not the kind of guy who’s just going to throw some shit on top of it, and be like, ‘Well, I want to be on a SANCTUARY record.’ I want to be inspired. I’ve been listening to the [demos] for a week or so now, and I have a few ideas. It’s a different way of working for me — usually, I’m right there when it happens, and you just build it all there; these guys like to demo ideas and toss stuff, throw stuff out, bring in new stuff — so my job in the next few weeks when I get back home is, I’m going to lay demos down for them based on what they have, and then we’ll probably swap some things back and forth and see if it’s amazing. If it’s not, then we’ll call it a day and maybe do another tour, or some festivals, keep the tribute going. If it’s amazing, I don’t think there’s any reason why we shouldn’t put out some music. If the songs are great, they should live.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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