DevilDriver Planning To Record New Double Album

DevilDriver may be releasing their country covers album “Outlaws ‘Til The End“ on July 6, but the band are already planning their next release. During a chat with Metal Wani, Dez Fafara confirmed that the group are planning to hit the studio this summer to begin recording a new double album. According to him, they currently have 48 songs written and are going to narrow it down to around 20-22. The effort will be released in two halves with the first part set to be released in 2019 and the second part set to be released in 2020.

Fafara said the following:

“We’re writing the record of our lives right now—that I can tell you. And making no bones about it, this will be the record of our career. This will be record that other artists judge us, as well as themselves, on once they hear this.”

He also added the following about having three releases in three years:

“I used to get a record every year from my favorite bands, and even two a year sometimes from bands like KISS. So, you know what? We’re kicking it up. We’re not gonna rely on this three-to-four-year-plan that bands are doing. It used to be where you had to go away for a year in order to let the fans catch up to you and this and that, and it is not that way anymore—you need to get art out and you need to be out in everyone’s face and you need to be touring, and we’re getting ready to kick that up in a big way.

And that’s why the last two years, we’ve really taken time off as DevilDriver. I mean, we’ve only done probably three shows in the United States this year, and we’ll only do a handful this year at all. So when we do start, it’s gonna get ready to go.”

He later continued:

“I have three young sons and they’re huge music lovers and they get a song a week, a record every six months, a record every year from their favorite artists. I don’t know why metal has taken on this stance of, ‘We’re gonna give you a record every three years, every four years,’ or Tool, every eight, ten years. I don’t know.

Look, I know Maynard [James Keenan] and I think that record’s probably gonna be worth the wait, to tell you the truth. But in my circumstances and in every other circumstance that I see, bands need to be putting out a record every 17 to 18 months and they need to be doing this religiously in order to build their following and in order to actually raise the bar on the music that they’re making.

So we’re very excited to do this. We have Napalm Records that has been behind us one hundred percent with everything we’ve bit off, and they really are looking forward to this double album staggered release that we’re gona start to record in June and July.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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