King Diamond Preparing To Begin Work On New Album

It looks like King Diamond is getting ready to work on a new album. During a March 29 appearance on Eddie Trunk’s SiriusXM radio show, the singer said he will shift his focus to the effort once the upcoming “Abigail” Blu-ray/DVD is finished:

“As soon as the DVD is finished — it’ll be a matter of two or three weeks — [King Diamond guitarist Andy La Rocque] is showing up here [in Frisco, Texas] to initiate my home studio where I’m gonna do all the vocals for a brand new King Diamond studio album.”

The music currently isn’t anywhere near completion, but he says the storyline is “about 80 percent done.” He also added:

“There’s some very unique things I’m putting into it this time where you will relate to some of the sounds you hear on it, ’cause it’s sounds that you will hear on certain days in your private life You’re outdoors, or whatever, and you might hear certain sounds and you will, guaranteed, think, if you heard the album, ‘I wonder if that thing King talked about could have happened when I heard that sound here.'”

[via Blabbermouth]


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