Devin Townsend Says He Currently Has No Label Or Band Management

Devin Townsend previously put The Devin Townsend Project on hiatus to focus on numerous other projects, and now he has confirmed that he no longer has a label or band management, allowing for more freedom with the upcoming material. He made the following Instagram posts:

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There’s certainly a value in having a team of people- friends and coworkers – help one be objective about their work. It especially seems to help commercially, but it also becomes a trajectory that is hard to step away from, a treadmill of sorts. I like the hang time so much that I find myself sliding into that role repeatedly until I realize there’s an undercurrent of dissatisfaction with my own identity within that role. Maybe not with the music, but with the process. The idea of the process is to articulate your own trip accurately as it evolves and learn from your missteps. (The above included) I talk a lot of shit, and it’s doubtful that will ever change… but we know our paths subconsciously, so it’s about being creatively assertive enough to allow it to flourish. , it’s about following through and breaking through walls. And cats.

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