Interview: Prong’s Tommy Victor Talks “Zero Days”, Upcoming Touring, & More

I was recently given the chance to interview Prong’s Tommy Victor about the band’s latest album “Zero Days,” their upcoming touring, and more. You can check out that chat below.

METAL ANARCHY: Your latest album “Zero Days” has been out for over seven months now. How has the reception been?

VICTOR: I must say, absolutely fantastic. Reviews were great. We have toured for the record in Europe and I know fans over there were real happy with it. That’s from talking to people and the response we were getting from playing “Divide And Conquer” at the shows. It’s still a new record really. We haven’t toured for it in North America. And now we are going to be, and playing more songs from it adding “However It May End” and “ Forced Into Tolerance.“ The latter we shot our first video for “Zero Days” and it will be released very shortly.

METAL ANARCHY: Counting the “Songs from the Black Hole” covers album, you have released a new album every year from 2014 – 2017. How do you keep the momentum going after all these years?

VICTOR: You’re missing “Carved Into Stone” which came out in ‘13! And we put out a live record “Unleashed In The West” since then as well . So technically 6 records in 5 years. It’s tough to do if I was alone but the band and myself had a lot of help from Chris Collier and Steve Evetts. Our label has been supportive too. We were able to bash the records out fast. You just have to plan things a bit and keep writing and thinking about ideas. Reading books, looking around to get lyric ideas is important. I have never thought Prong peaked. I always seem to think there’s a couple of good songs left. Now even, I’ve seen things differently than before and changed a few approaches. I’m not saying it’s a barrel of monkeys all the time, but I think it’s worth it. We can have this large legacy of records. I think that’s cool.

METAL ANARCHY: Are you planning on releasing even more new material this year?

VICTOR: Yes. We are most likely going to release a couple of singles. The full length will be out January 2019. I have about ten songs sort of written. That will get whittled down to about three and then we’ll see if any of those make the cut down the line.

METAL ANARCHY: You will soon be kicking off a West Coast tour with Powerflo (Biohazard, Cypress Hill, etc.) towards the end of this month. What can fans expect from those dates?

VICTOR: It’ll be cool because it’ll have this West Coast/ East Coast hardcore vibe to it. There’s this band Cutthroat on it as well who are an LA hardcore band. Also Sifting who are opening, I think they’re more metal. I expect the shows to be high energy!

METAL ANARCHY: You also have a co-headlining tour with Helmet scheduled for May. What would you like to say about that run?

VICTOR: It’s something we’ve been wanting to do for awhile. It makes a lot of sense pairing the bands. We come from the same place, NY’s Lower East Side, at around the same time. People have said we both were instrumental in starting an alternative metal genre. We both took a lot chances and rolled the dice a lot but really remained street in a lot of ways. It’s two legacy bands together but I think we both remain relevant today. Should be good!

METAL ANARCHY: What will the setlists look like for these two tours?

VICTOR: We mix it up of course. There’s a lot of material to choose from but we center around the obvious crowd pleasers. We do new Prong songs but play most of the video songs, you know the “hits”.

METAL ANARCHY: Aside from these treks, what other plans do you have for the rest of the year?

VICTOR: We’re going to cut the new songs at some point. But we have a short European run booked and a metal cruise. We did all the festivals over there last year so only one this year. It’s pretty booked up for 2018!


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