AC/DC’s Bon Scott Honored With New Sculpture In Melbourne, Australia

Late AC/DC singer Bon Scott has been honored with a new three-meter-high-and-two-meter-wide metal-and-plaster sculpture in Melbourne, Australia. The statue, which was unveiled on AC/DC Lane on March 6, is part of the Victorian Government’s “Rockin’ The Laneways” Initiative. The project was a collaboration between Cherry Bar owner/booker James Young and street artist Mike Makatron. Makatron had the following to say:

“It’s an honor to add a permanent 3D element that pays tribute to a great Australian rock ‘n’ roll band and its lead singer, Bon Scott, but also to music in general. Thanks to all, especially the vision of James Young of Cherry Bar, who instigated the idea and grant application with Creative Victoria.”

Young also added that “Sydney has the Opera House and Melbourne has Bon Scott,” an that the spot is a “perfect place to honor Bon Scott and to provide inspiration for aspiring musicians and music fans.”


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