WWE Drop Multiple Megadeth Puns During “Symphony Of Destruction” Match On “Raw”

Last night’s (March 5) episode of “WWE Raw” featured a “Symphony Of Destruction” match between Elias and Braun Strowman. It was essentially a street fight with musical instruments as weapons, but due to the name, announcers and participants decided to throw out a bunch of Megadeth puns. Those included Strowman saying the following during a promo: “I know you’re sweating bullets, because tonight, you find out about my symphony of destruction. Tonight starts the countdown to your extinction.” Commentator Corey Graves also threw some in during the match:

“Strowman wants to settle the score, but… peace sells, but who’s buying?”
“This could be reckoning day for Elias at the hands of Braun Strowman.”
“Like a runaway train… A train of consequences.”
“I think we’re about to witness Elias rust in peace.”
“Pain is Braun’s business and business is good in Milwaukee.”

Graves then finished by saying “If I don’t at least get free Megadeth tickets after that, I never will.”


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