Psycroptic Offer New Album Update

Psycroptic have offered an update on their new album, which should be completed in the “next few weeks.” The band said the following:

“We’ve been hard at work recording the new album over the past 8 months, in our guitarist Joe Haley’s Crawl Space studios. We are getting close to completing it, and it’s turning out really cool. I think it’s our best album by far. It sounds like a mix of all our albums, plus some newer and darker sounding elements thrown in. Artwork is complete, and looks insane. We’ll unveil that in good time…Because we aren’t the smartest people, we’ve still been scheduling tours and shows around the recording – we head out today in Australia with Cattle Decapitation, and have New Zealand, more Australian shows, Iceland and North America all coming up in the next few months. But we will get the album finished in the next few weeks….”


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