Unearth To Hit The Studio Soon For New Album, Confirmed For “Popular Summer Festival Tour”

Unearth guitarist Buz McGrath was recently interviewed on the “Talk About The Passion” podcast, and discussed the band’s upcoming plans. Those include a new album, which they will probably start recording in March, and a “popular summer festival tour.”

McGrath said the following about their touring plans:

“We’re gonna go out this year. We are confirmed for a popular summer festival tour—whose name I can not name, ’cause it’s not announced.”

He also said the following about their new album plans:

“March, I’m told, is when we’re gonna start. But, we got probably twenty songs written, so no shortage of material…”

He then added the following about Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz (LGND, ex-The Acacia Strain) who has been writing with them:

“We bounce ideas off him. Because we just needed to get a third person into the mix, like riff-wise. Me and Ken [Susi] have been writing the same record for however many years, so let’s like let some other guys stuff in there. That’s been working out great. Whenever I hear a fresh idea with our stuff—that’s scratching my itch. My shit to me sounds like the same stuff over and over again. You try to dig yourself out of that hole and sometimes you do, but a lot of times it’s difficult.”

[via The PRP]


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