Legend Of The Seagullmen (Mastodon, Tool, Etc.) Stream New Song “Legend Of The Seagullmen”

Legend Of The Seagullmen, the band featuring Brent Hinds (Mastodon), Danny Carey (Tool), etc., have premiered a new song titled “Legend Of The Seagullmen,” via Metal Hammer’s Facebook. This track is from the group’s debut album, which will be released on February 9.

David “The Doctor” Dreyer commented:

“‘Legend Of The Seagullmen‘” is the song of an ancient power: a time of the Seagullgod King. His legend has been transmitted over generations spanning 400 thousand years, resulting in this furious ripping anthem. It takes at least four guitar players and an army of musicians to unlock the glory and when the blistering progressions find the pounding beat, you’ll be immersed in the scriptures of a battle torn land.”


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