Kreator To Release Deluxe Remastered Versions Of Four ’90s Albums

Kreator will be releasing remastered versions of “Coma Of Souls,“ “Renewal,” “Cause For Conflict,” and “Outcast” on deluxe CD, colored vinyl and digital formats. They will be available on February 23, and will also include expaded liner notes and bonus tracks.

“Coma Of Souls“ will include Live In Fürth, Germany – 06/12/1990:

11. “When The Sun Burns Red”
12. “Betrayer”
13. “Terrible Certainty”
14. “Extreme Aggression”
15. “Coma Of Souls”
16. “People Of The Lie”
17. “Choir Of The Damned”
18. “The Pestilence”
19. “Toxic Trace”
20. “Drum Solo”
21. “Terror Zone”
22. “Pleasure To Kill”
23. “Flag Of Hate”
24. “Agents Of Brutality”
25. “Riot Of Violence”
26. “Tormentor”

“Renewal” will include these bonus tracks:

10. “Winter Martyrium” (Rare Version)
11. “Trauma”
12. “Europe After The Rain” (Remix)

“Cause For Conflict” will include these bonus tracks:

13. “Suicide In Swamps”
14. “Limits Of Liberty”
15. “State Oppression”

“Outcast” will include Live At Dynamo Open Air 1998:

14. “Intro : Dr. Wagner, Part 3”
15. “Terror Zone”
16. “Lost”
17. “Leave This World Behind”
18. “Phobia”
19. “Black Sunrise”
20. “Choir Of The Damned”
21. “Pleasure To Kill”
22. “Whatever If May Take”
23. “Extreme Aggression”
24. “Renewal”


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