Max Cavalera On New Soulfly Album: “I Think It’s Gonna Be An Unpredictable Kind Of Record”

Max Cavalera was recently interviewed by Metal Wani and talked a bit about the next Soulfly album. According to him, the effort will be “like a return to some of the tribal sounds” and that he thinks “it’s gonna be an unpredictable kind of record.”

Cavalera said the following:

“I’m writing right now. When I was home before [the ‘Max & Iggor Cavalera Return To Roots’ European tour], I was writing a lot of riffs. So I’m just collecting riffs right now. This is the stage where… It’s very similar to [what] I do on every record — I normally just stack riffs, and those riffs will eventually turn into songs.”

He also added that it will be “like a return to some of the tribal sounds” of the bands’s early material:

“Some of the songs are more kind of like ‘Prophecy’, like [the first SOULFLY album] kind of vibe, which I think is really cool, and a lot of people, I think, are gonna be happy with that. So we’re gonna have that heavy sound with percussion on top of it. It’s gonna be great. And the other part of it is a continuation of the heavy stuff that I love, even some elements of different extreme music I listen to, like black metal and death metal and thrash metal and stuff like that that I always love and I have fun doing.”

He also said that he was “very inspired” by “Judas Pariah” off Cavalera Conspiracy’s latest album “Psychosis”:

“I think it was one of my favorite songs [on the latest CAVALERA disc] — and I wanna make more songs like this, so I’m probably gonna go have a couple of songs on the SOULFLY [album] that will be kind of like that, kind of black metal style together with the tribal. I think it’s cool. I think it’s gonna be an unpredictable kind of record.”

He further added the following when asked if it was the right time to go back to the tribal sound:

“I think we can expand that feeling more, because I don’t think it’s been fully explored yet — I think we can do more with it. It’s kind of like similar to what we did on ‘Psychosis’, [where we took] this death metal/thrash metal formula and we went in and picked it up and did it again with the sound of right now. And I think it’s cool to look at music… I like thinking of music like that — as something that you can approach older stuff and bring it to the now and make something cool out of it. And everything else is whatever happens in the studio. I have great musicians like Marc Rizzo. My son Zyon is gonna be great on this record. He’s become an amazing drummer; on [SOULFLY’s] NAILBOMB tour, he did amazing. It’s so fun to watch him play live — so much energy. And we have Mike Leon playing bass — he’s a great bass player. So it’s a very good SOULFLY lineup.”

Soulfly will hit the studio with producer Josh Wilbur in January.

[via Blabbermouth]


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