Sabaton Premiere New “World Of Tanks” Music Video For “Primo Victoria”

Sabaton have joined forces with the MMO game “World Of Tanks” to create a new video for “Primo Victoria.” Check that out below:

Director Zoran Bihac commented:

“Understanding the setting of World of Tanks, I can easily say that this game is about history and its importance, but to be honest: also about fun. It awakens the inner child in you; it’s how I feel about my work, and it resonates with Sabaton’s style. I wanted to keep the feeling of the game, and especially of their trailers, which look like real, historically accurate movies. This had to be combined with the song and our performance. To create a story, I came up with the setting of a normal performance video, where the tanks come alive, and start to hunt and shoot each other.”

World Of Tanks marketing director, Maxim Chuvalov also added:

“Working closely with talented musicians like Sabaton was an awesome experience for us. One of the challenges we faced was that the band was constantly on tour, preforming shows all over the world almost every day. We had to find a slot in their tight schedule to bring the idea to life. Thankfully, the guys were very energetic and flexible, as well as really hardworking, so the project took shape. We’re really proud to have such talented musicians in our community and super excited to present the tank metal video to our fans.”


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