Dead Cross Members Get Detained In Texas

It looks like Dead Cross’ Justin Pearson and Michael Crain were detained by police whine Texas. Those two and Dave Lombardo shared some posts regarding that:

Your life can get worse. So can the world. @dead_cross_official #deadcross

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Welcome to Texas boys! #deadcross #tourlife #southernhospitality

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This is happening and it's not good. #jesuspolice #deadcross #criminals

A post shared by Dave Lombardo (@davelombardo) on

The band’s publicist also commented:

“Aug. 16 2017, Houston Texas – Members of Dead Cross were temporarily placed in police custody while in Houston on Aug. 15. The band, who just released their eponymous debut album via Ipecac Recordings and are on tour in support of the album, had their gear searched and were restrained during the inspection.

The band members have been advised by legal counsel not to provide further comment on the incident. More information is expected to be made available from authorities following arraignment.”


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