Josh Todd & The Conflict (Buckcherry) Premiere “Rain” Music Video

Josh Todd & The Conflict, the band featuring Buckcherry’s Josh Todd and Stevie D, along with Sean Winchester and Greg Cash, have premiered a new video for their new song “Rain.” This song is from their new album “Year Of The Tiger” which will be released on September 15.

Todd commented:

“The song ‘Rain’ I actually wrote acapella with my voice to start. I had all the lyrics and melodies written when I sang it to Stevie (guitars). I told him that I wanted a ‘we will rock you’ beat with stomps and hand claps with a signature guitar solo. I left the the track with him and shortly thereafter the song basically wrote itself. Stevie accomplished everything musically that I wanted and wrapped it up with some nice dynamics.

“At that time I wanted the lyrics to reflect my thoughts, and my thoughts at that time were my life is mine, beliefs only have power if you believe in them, how can I describe the outlaw inside me, inside everyone, amends/karma, it means nothing. Simply kill or be killed. That’s the way it is in the animal kingdom and humans are no different, we just think we are. I just started writing and it came very easily. That’s when I knew we had something. I think ‘Rain’ has that genuine one-time listen impact and those type of songs are hard to come by.

“I wanted the video to be edgy, so naturally I called upon renowned director Billy Jayne, who shot the Buckcherry videos for ‘Gluttony,’ ‘Bring it on Back’ and ‘Say Fuck It’ and really understands what we are trying to achieve. We wanted it to be like the movies Heat meets to Live and Die In LA with me coming in and out narrating it with the melody.

“The concept is a bunch of gangsters get robbed by some fake DEA agents and throughout the video the gangsters find out who did it, hunt them down and kill them all. We picked some iconic locations in downtown LA to shoot and being a California native it was very cool for me. Wanted it to look like a short film and Billy captured all that and then some. Enjoy!”


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