Archspire Premiere New Song “Remote Tumour Seeker”

Archspire have premiered a new song titled “Remote Tumour Seeker.” This song is from their new album “Relentless Mutation,” which will receive be released on September 22.

Oli Aleron commented:

“The concept for this song is based partly on the split brain experiment where (when split) one hemisphere will lie to justify the actions of the other. In this case the subject had a living tumour installed on his brain that caused the healthy half to split apart. This leads him to believe that two sides of his one brain are split into two people. The hunter and the prey.

The seeker begins to track the other part of his brain using remote vision and a beacon sent out by the tumour. He begins an endless hunt for his other half. Opening skull after skull looking for it, unaware that his other brain still resides within his own head. It’s one of the many experiments done by the A.U.M cult in an attempt to better understand a living black matter discovered centuries ago and its varying effects on human subjects.”


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