Kerry King On The Possibility Of Releasing A New Slayer Album In 2018: “It’s Conceivable—But I’m Certainly Not Gonna Promise It”

Slayer’s Kerry King was recently interviewed by Revolver, and was asked about Slayer’s new album plans. According to him, “it’s conceivable” that the band may release an album in 2018, but he did say he’s “certainly not gonna promise it.”


King said the following:

“…’Repentless‘ isn’t even two years old yet, though it seems like it is. But from that session, there are six or eight songs that are recorded—some with vocals, some with leads, but all with keeper guitar, drums and bass. So when those songs get finished lyrically, if the lyrics don’t change the songs, they’ll be ready to be on the next record.

So we already have more than half a record complete, if those songs make it. This is actually the most prepared we’ve ever been for the next record in our history; there’s no reason to not do more work, because it’s already more than halfway done. Just write four or five new songs, and give the others some attention, and we’ll be good to go. If we get a down period of time, which I know is coming at the end of this year, maybe we’ll focus on that and get to it.”

He added the following when asked if it would be released in 2018:

“It’s conceivable—but I’m certainly not gonna promise it, because every time I do, I make a liar of myself! [Laughs]”


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