Ace Frehley Talks Colloaborating with Gene Simmons On New Album

It was previously revealed that Gene Simmons had collaborated on two new songs for former KISS guitarist Ace Frehley’s next album. Now, Frehley has talked a little bit more about that collaboration in a new interview with Eddie Trunk.

Frehley said the following:

“I called him up and I said, ‘Gene, you wanna write a few songs?’ He says, ‘Sure.’ Because he had come to my show [in February] at the Saban theater in Los Angeles with John 5 [ROB ZOMBIE guitarist], and that’s when we kind of reconnected and bonded a little. And I just shot him an e-mail and said, ‘C’mon, let’s write some songs together for my new record.’ Next thing you know, he’s down here [at my house in Rancho Santa Fe, California] and within three hours we had written two songs together, which was, like, a record, for me and him.”

He continued:

“We had a fantastic time. He came down. We ate in the backyard while I was watering my palm trees. [Laughs] He was going to [my fiancée] Rachel, ‘This is something new I’ve never seen before.’ He’s eating a sandwich and I’m watering a palm tree in my backyard. But it was a lot of fun.”

He said that the tracks came about after the two “just started jamming.” He added the following about that:

“We initially each picked up an acoustic guitar. I don’t remember who came up with the beginning of the song. One guy plays one thing and then I play another thing. I think Gene actually came up with more ideas than I did and I just kind of complemented them. And then I started writing lyrics for a song title, which I don’t wanna give away yet. And then we kind of took a break and then he started playing this bassline and he said, ‘Ace, play these thee chords against it,’ and within thirty minutes we had a second song. I was really pleased, and so was he.”

He went on to discuss writing with Simmons during his time in KISS:

“We did a lot more than people are aware of, but it’s uncredited. For instance, I wrote ‘Cold Gin’, but I didn’t really have a bridge or a breakdown section for that song, and Gene’s the one that wrote that whole section; that’s all Gene. But he never took credit for it.”

Frehley also discussed the possibility of him returning to KISS:

“I can only be honest with you. It’s something I haven’t pushed and it’s something that Paul and Gene haven’t brought up to me. I’m just gonna let nature take its course. If the fans demand it, it’ll probably get to a point where they’re not gonna be able to say ‘no.’ But I’ve always said: they’ll be fine with what they’re doing and I’ll be fine on my own. I’ve got a great solo band. We tour the world. We’re touring Australia again with Alice Cooper in October. So whatever happens, one way or the other, everybody’s gonna be fine. But if by chance Paul and Gene decide to bring me back in the fold and do a world tour, I think that could be great too, if it was handled correctly. But I haven’t been approached, no. Honestly.”

He went on to say it “could be a great thing for the fans” and that “Even if [he] didn’t wanna do it, [he] would do it for the fans, because [they] owe it to them.” He also added:

“I don’t think Paul and Gene do anything innocently,” he said. “I think there’s a motive behind everything they do, and they’re driven by money — let’s be honest — and they’ll be the first to admit it.

Rachel said to me the other day, ‘Do you really think there might be a reunion?’ And I said to her honestly, ‘You know when there’s a gonna be a reunion? When promoters call up [KISS manager] Doc McGhee and Paul and Gene and offer them multimillion-dollar figures. It’s all about money — you know that and I know that. So if a promoter calls up Doc McGhee and says, ‘We’ll give you two hundred million dollars and do a six-month tour,’ I’m gonna get a phone call. If that doesn’t happen, I may not. Who knows? But, like I said, either way, everybody’s gonna be fine.”

[via Blabbermouth]


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