Invidia Part Ways With Travis Johnson (In This Moment)

Invidia (ex-Five Finger Death Punch, etc.) have parted ways with vocalist Travis Johnson (In This Moment). Taking his place will be Evan Seidlitz (ex-VYCES).


The band said the following:

“We respect Travis‘s choice to honor his commitment to In This Moment but it left us in a tough spot. It’s hard for us as well—Travis is family and is part of the Invidia story. We are beyond happy that Evan was interested and fits in so well in the Invidia camp. He’s a guy we all know well and the band as well as the fans are in great hands.

We sincerely hope you will all welcome Evan to the fold like we have and come see us on tour this summer!”

Johnson added:

“It was a really tough choice for me to step back from fronting Invidia. I love singing and am so proud of ‘As the Sun Sleeps‘. Invidia is family to me. I mean, I just can’t be in two places at the same time and I had to honor my commitment to in this moment. I can’t imagine a better fit than Evan. It was actually a suggestion I had brought up to the band.

I truly hope all of the In This Moment fans who have supported Invidia welcome him to the band. It’s a tough one knowing someone else is singing my tunes but I can’t see myself holding Invidia back.”


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