Frost On Satyricon’s “Diverse” New Album: “Every Song Has A Life Of Its Own”

Satyricon’s Kjetil-Vidar “Frost” Haraldstad was recently interviewed on Jamey Jasta’s (Hatebreed) “The Jasta Show” and talked a bit about the band’s upcoming album. He said the effort, which will be released through Napalm Records on September 22, is “very, very diverse” and that “every song has a life of its own.”

Frost said the following [transcribed by Blabbermouth]:

“This is an album that we have been really working a lot with for a long time. It’s all about getting the right expression for each and every song.

It has never been anything that we’ve discussed in the band, but at least I personally feel that every song has a life of its own, a very strong and unique identity. This album is really about giving life to those eight songs that constitute it.

Like with every SATYRICON album, I guess it’s very, very diverse, and this is more true than ever with the new one. In particular, when it comes to this identity bit, I feel the songs, even if they fit extremely well together in a compilation of songs, each and every one, it’s very, very different from the others — almost like human beings are different from each other.”

He also added:

“I realize that the previous albums opened lots of doors for us. There was a reason that we chose to name the [last] album after the band itself. Basically, we felt that somehow SATYRICON became a very complete band with that album. We managed to bring that dynamic element into the band that somehow had been missing a little, and we felt that when that was there, it was like we had all the basic components that should constitute SATYRICON. And as those doors were opened with that album, we then found ourselves in a situation where we were, like, roaming about in those different rooms. And this new album is a result of discovering and searching through and basically exploring new territory and making it ours.”


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