Gus G. (Firewind) On Ozzy Osbourne & Zakk Wylde Reunion: “It’s Been Long Overdue”

Earlier today (April 28) Ozzy Osbourne announced that he will be reuniting with Zakk Wylde for his 2017 touring. Now Gus G. (Firewind), who has been handling the guitar for Osbourne’s solo band, has commented on the news, and said it is “great to see Ozzy & Zakk back together.”

Gus G. said the following:

“It’s been an honor & a privilege playing by your side since 2009. Nothing but great times & an experience of a lifetime.

To Ozzy & Sharon – thanks for everything, love ya!

To Blasko, Adam & Tommy – been a pleasure rocking with you!

As a fan, it’s great to see Ozzy & Zakk back together. It’s been long overdue.

Last but not least – thanks to all the fans that showed love & support all these years, see you out there soon!

Ozzy rules!



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