Opprobrium On Metallica Cease And Desist Letter: “We Would Never Send A Cease And Desist To Metallica”

Opprobrium have issued a statement regarding the apparent cease and desist letter Brutal Records‘ Michael Howard sent to Metallica due to alleged similarities between “Moth Into Flame” and Opprobrium‘s (who were known as Incubus at the time) 1988 song “Hunger For Power.” The band says they have nothing to do with the letter and that they would never do something like that to Metallica.

Opprobrium said the following:

“ATTENTION, ATTENTION to all Metal Magazines around the world and all our fans. It’s been circulating that supposedly an “individual” is claiming that Metallica copied one of our songs called ” Hunger For Power” and that this individual supposedly sent a “Cease and Desist” to Metallica.

To all OPPROBRIUM fans and Metallica Fans , we OPPROBRIUM would never send a “Cease and Desist” to Metallica. We OPPROBRIUM have nothing to do with this. We love Metallica and we are fans of Metallica ourselves.

We do not know the reason why this news is spreading. WE LOVE METALLICA and are Fans of Metallica and would never do such a thing against Metallica.

This individual is claiming that he holds the rights to one of our song ” Hunger For Power“, and it’s NOT TRUE. We Opprobrium hold ALL the rights to all our songs.

This individual is spreading lies behind our backs. We OPPROBRIUM are surprise concerning this, and are very sad.

OPPROBRIUM does not support this individual nor are we responsible for the actions taken by this “individual”.
We OPPROBRIUM are on the side of Metallica and NOT on the side of this individual that is spreading this LIE…

Thanks to all OPPROBRIUM and METALLICA fans, and please keep in mind that this individual is doing this on his own and we (OPPROBRIUM) have NOTHING to do with this. This is a very sad day for our band.”


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