Metal Anarchy Exclusive: Daniel J. Finch Discusses The Devils Music, Leaving Devilment, & More

The Devils Music, the new project featuring Devilment founder Daniel J. Finch, released their killer self-titled album in September, and Metal Anarchy has an exclusive interview with Finch regarding the effort, and his decision to exit Devilment. You can check that out below, and purchase your copy of “The Devils Music” on Bandcamp and iTunes.



METAL ANARCHY: What would you like readers of this site to know about The Devils Music?

Danny: I would like everyone to go buy it and listen to it. I think it’s a mixed record. I think there will be songs that every listener will love and songs they may even hate. You may not like death metal style vocals, or might not be a fan of singers. But I think there’s something for everyone on this record, and certainly the reviews and everyone I spoken to echo that. It’s a record which I’m proud of and people love the concept of it. It was fun to make and certainly something I’d like to do again in the future.

METAL ANARCHY: Considering you’re a former member of Devilment, what was it like working with Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth)?

Danny: I was the founder, I formed that band. I was a big Cradle fan. I brought the first album when it came out and followed them ever since then. Working with Dani at first was great; I admit I was star struck. I was warned off working with him from the beginning from some good friends, and I’d heard a lot rumours about his antics. But I take everyone on face value, I’m cool with everyone and I don’t judge them until I get to know them or proved otherwise. But those rumours and those antics I heard about were true, and I saw more of a side Dani Filth that just wasn’t cool.

METAL ANARCHY: What led to your departure from Devilment?

Danny: Pretty much a lot of things. I think they like to say that I couldn’t handle being in a band at that level, or I couldn’t handle touring, or I couldn’t handle the pressure or I was mad or whatever they want to say. But let me put these things straight and bury that shit for good. I never had any intension to leave my own band. It just got to a point with everything that was going on that I had no choice. I could have and no I wish I had have fired members of that band. I was lied to, threatened and treated like shit by the band, the management and the record label. In fact I was told if I didn’t like it I could fuck off, so I did.

Pretty much a lot of people fucked it up. The drinking, the drugs, the ego, and childish bullshit. It just got too much. If you confronted people in the band about the way they were acting, it got denied and turned round. Working with Dani Filth was like walking on egg shells, you never knew what the fuck he was going to do.

During the video shoot for “Even Your Blood Group Rejects Me” he got really drunk and started getting aggressive towards the director and he couldn’t even mime the words correctly. We lost a load of shots because of that. During the tour he was drunk all the time. One night I was chilling on the bus and he started trying to fight me. I didn’t want us to get kicked off the tour so I left the bus lounge and headed to the front of the bus to smoke a cigarette with the driver, Dani followed me down and started pushing me around again, and the driver wanted to pull over. Believe me if he had I would have beaten his arse.

He fucked up a show in Hamburg because he was so drunk, it was just embarrassing. We were a new band trying to win people over. We sold no merch that night and people were disappointed. It was shit like that. During that show he even went into motionless in white’s dressing room and threw up in their bin. It’s like you sit there is disbelief and think, “what the fuck”. When I confronted him about it, he denied it, and then went “Well its rock and roll”. It’s just bullshit. Did I want to be in a band with a person like that no I do not. A lot of people were shocked when I left; people were like “You’ve just thrown it away”. Yeah I did. But for the right reasons. I’m happy doing what I do now. I don’t have those kind of people in my life and nor do I need them. I’d rather be sitting in my room playing guitar by myself then being playing in front of packed club dealing with people like Dani Filth.

He said that “I’ve made a mistake and I’m going to regret it” truth is I did make a mistake by asking him to join in the first place. It still amazes me how people just kiss his arse, if they knew the kind of shit he says and does. They would burn every album they ever brought. I also think the new song they released is shit. I wanted to like it cause I respect a couple of the guys Left in the band, but its music designed to make money, and Dani Filth is only interested in money, so he can go on three day drink and drugs benders.

METAL ANARCHY: The songs on your self-titled album were originally written for Devilment. Did you rework them to set them apart from your former band?

Danny: After we finished recording the “Great And Secret Show” I knew in a year or so I had to think about writing a second album. I didn’t want to be under pressure and write a rushed album that would be shit. During the rehearsals for the European tour I was turning up and hour before everyone else, firstly to warm up as I was having issues with my hands and secondly it was a chance to start writing. I started coming up with riffs and I took my Ipad so I could video them. I jammed a few ideas with Aaron (Drummer) on the nights the rest of the band didn’t show up. I only ever played the band two demos of songs, neither of which are on The Devils Music record. So they never really heard or knew about the songs or ideas I was coming up with. I guess I wanted to get them finished before I played anything to the rest of the band. It was how I did it with the first Devilment album. I’m kind of glad I didn’t play them or send them anything, as they would have nicked them for their Devilment album ha ha. Nothing was re-worked as such. The riffs and ideas stayed pretty much the same from those original ideas. I added some stuff when I started arranging them. But they are pretty much 90% how I heard them in my head back then. I think I had like ideas for 27 songs so I had a lot to choose from for The Devils Music album.

METAL ANARCHY: The effort features multiple vocalists including members of Scream Serenity; Collapse the Sky, The BloodShake Chorus, etc. What was it like working with so many singers?

Danny: It was really easy. I pretty much sent them the songs, I asked them to choose which song they wanted to do, and luckily for me they all picked different songs. Most of the guys recorded at their own studios, but I had to go and produce Ian from Scream Serenity and Darby from BloodShake Chorus over at Scorpio Recording studios. But I was really happy with how it came together.

METAL ANARCHY: Will future releases from the band utilise different singers, or will you eventually choose a permanent member?

Danny: I thought about putting a band together for the 2nd album, but it wouldn’t have the same vibe. I think at the moment it’s still a free flowing project and I can do anything with it. I have like three more records by different projects I’m working on right now, so I want to get those done first before I look at another Devils Music record. One Idea I have for the 2nd Devils Music record is to write with 10 different bands. But set myself a time limit with that band to write and record a song say in a day or something.

METAL ANARCHY: What are your future plans?

Danny: Firstly sleep. I played with Chuck Mosley (Ex Faith No More and Bad Brains) last night; he’s a pretty cool guy. I’m feeling pretty burnt out at the moment. I’ve been doing a lot of shows with the BloodShake Chorus and also working on this Storm child Record. I’m pretty much going to chill with my daughter this weekend and catch up with some friends. But after that we start the Dead Soul Communion record. I was working really hard on that in 2015. But I got to a point with it and I needed to step away from it. Sometimes you have to step away from a project in order for it to be refreshed. But were getting ready to start drums on that. I’m hoping to put that record out in mid 2017. Right after that I start Haven of Blood, which is going to be the fastest heaviest record I’ve ever done. It’s full on hate and aggression. I’ve also started writing a progressive album too. But no idea if that will ever come out.