The Bronx Casket Co. To Release “The Complete Collection” Box Set

Overkill bassist D.D. Verni’s The Bronx Casket Co. will be releasing a new remastered box set, titled “The Complete Collection,” on November 13. The five-disc set will include all four of the band’s studio releases, “Bronx Caset Co.,” “Sweet Home Transylvania,” “Hellectric,” and “Antihero,” as well as a bonus disc featuring early demos, unreleased remixes, a cover of Misfits’ “Ghouls Night Out,” and a mashup of Black Sabbath’s “The Writ” and “Megalomania.”

“The Complete Collection” Track Listing:

CD 1:

01. “Who Lives Forever”
02. “Change the World”
03. “Mercy Ltd.”
04. “No Miracles”
05. “La Triste Verita”
06. “Vampire War”
07. “I Am God Here”
08. “Savior”
09. “Alone (Chanson Pour Les Immortels)”
10. “Jump in the Fire”
11. “The Bad Guy”

CD 2:

01. “Jesus Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”
02. “The Other Me”
03. “Sewing The Dead”
04. “BCC / Sweet Home Transylvania”
05. “Black Valentine”
06. “Killing Mary Jane”
07. “Dead… For The Moment”
08. “Blue Collar Horror”
09. “Creeperia”

CD 3:

01. “Little Dead Girl”
02. “Everything I Got”
03. “Dream Of Angels”
04. “Sherimoon”
05. “Bleed With Me”
06. “Motorcrypt”
07. “Let My People Go”
08. “Free Bird”
09. “In My Skin”
10. “Can’t Stop The Rain”
11. “Mortician’s Lullaby”
12. “Live For Death”

CD 4:

01. “Antihero”
02. “Bonesaw”
03. “You Look Like Hell”
04. “Sally”
05. “I Never Loved You Anyway”
06. “Holy Mother”
07. “I Am No One”
08. “Memphis Scarecrow”
09. “Selling My Soul”
10. “Death On Two Legs”
11. “Let Me Be Your Nightmare”
12. “NYC (Devils Playground)”
13. “Alive!”
14. “My Way”

CD 5:

01. “Sabatage-d” (Sabbath mash-up)
02. “Free Bird” (alt mix)
03. “Sherimoon” (remix)
04. “Ghouls Night” Out (unreleased)
05. “Vampire War” (demo)
06. “No Miracles” (demo)
07. “Don’t Pray For Me” (demo)

“The Complete Collection” is limited to 500 copies and 100 of them will be set aside for a special Friday The 13th bundle featuring some bonus items including a personalized death certificate signed by Verni.