Pinkish Black Frontman Daron Beck Suffers Two Heart Attacks

On August 4, Pinkish Black vocalist/keyboardist Daron Beck suffered a major heart attack, and went on to suffer a second one on August 16. After the first heart attack, the frontman had to get three stents put in. He then ended up suffering another heart attack after complications arose due to his clotting medication. You can help him out with medical bills by donating via GoFundMe. Beck commented:

“My buddy Bruce Burns started a page to help me out a bit. I haven’t had steady work since November and I’m pretty incapacitated for the moment. Not being able to work and earn what I need to live has been a major stress factor that has helped put me in this hospital bed. I’m gonna do everything I can to get better and stay that way. ♥️ to all of you. Thanks to all who have reached out. Thanks again, Bruce!”

[via The PRP]